In this class we explore the third group of asset classes known as alternative investments. They are alternative because they behave differently to the assets we've covered so far, and have unique features or particular characteristics.

Investing #104 - Asset Classes: Property, Hedge Funds, Private Equity & Crypto

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  • Property - investing in property doesn't have to be through physical purchase. Find out how millions worldwide achieve access to the property market through indirect investing


    Hedge Funds - similar to mutual funds, but with exotic investment strategies, greater risk, and larger investments.


    Private Equity - these are companies or funds that specialise in buying distressed businesses, turning them around, and selling them on for a profit. You can invest in them as part of your overall investment strategy.


    Cryptocurrency - the buzzword on everyone's lips. But is it really an asset class? And does it present an investment opportunity? These are some of the questions we address in this webinar.

  • Land

    Land for sale: Land Bank

    Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)




    Shares of Property Companies 

    Investing in Property through Mutual Funds

    Investing in Property through Investment Trusts


    Investing in Property through Crowdfunding: Property Partner, LandBay

    Investing in Property through Innovative Finance ISA



    Private Equity

    Investing in Private Equity 




    Cryptocurrency - The different currencies available: CoinCap

    Cryptocurrency - Researching New Coins: ICOAlertToken Market