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Wednesday 19 April 2017

a U.K. - based media firm that focuses primarily on creating insightful content  Amaru Don TVWe were invited back to the studio for another insightful session with on the music industry.


This time, no topic was left untouched! Everything was laid out on the table, with a range of issues covered. We discussed Brexit and all its moving parts, including implications on the future of the U.K. itself amid the ongoing clamour from Scotland for another referendum on independence. We also talked about ‘The Donald’, and how his presidency is currently shaping global politics and the world economy.


Probably the highlight of the session was a conversation on how music artists – both up-and-coming as well as established – could effectively manage their record label advance. Through a hypothetical scenario, Olaolu shed light on some of the financial tools that could be utilised to make the most of the advance. You can check out the interview below, 

as well as find links to the others on ADTV.


1. Brexit, Article 50, 2nd Scottish Referendum, Donald Trump:


2. Financial Investment Tips:

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