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Wednesday 29 March 2017

During the month of March, we partnered with Mullings Management ‘Life Skills Workshop’, in conjunction with the Promise Foundation, to run an interactive three-part series at Queens Park Community School in London.


The series was aimed at providing students (who cut across all age groups) with an introduction to basic practical life skills in the following areas: 


1. Having a vision - Realising one's dreams

2. Time management - Effective time management

3. Finance management - Effective money management


Reflecting on personal experience, secondary school education did not prepare one adequately for higher education. The jump between GCSEs and A/AS Levels is much bigger than the jump between A/AS levels and an undergraduate degree. If you do not have the good fortune to be from a family (or have people close to you) - who have navigated their way successfully through higher education - it can be extremely difficult to adjust to sixth form/college, university and/or the working world.


The overall purpose of these workshops was to therefore provide students with an understanding of how to:


  • Create a defined vision

  • Break down the vision into missions (goals)

  • Review progress towards the goals

  • Manage time effectively to facilitate the achievement of the missions/goals

  • Manage finances to support the achievement of goals and overall vision.


Through this structured programme, attendees were equipped with key skills they could apply to not only improve their performance at school, but help them successfully negotiate higher education/vocational training and ultimately life.

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